Skyqraft is now Arkion

Same company, same team, same mission - just a new name. Read about our new identity.

Powering the energy shift

Arkion delivers asset analytics through scalable, AI-powered asset intelligence, for a power grid that’s ready for an electrified future.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest and most innovative power grids

Arkion is a web-based analytics platform that delivers fast, accurate decision intelligence from your overhead line inspections.


Insights from reliable data

See the state of your whole grid at a glance. Zoom in for detail from high-resolution photos, thermal images, and LiDAR.

Highest security standards

Arkion adheres to security best practices, and follows CCPA, GDPR, and COBIT-5. The safest cloud storage approved by large utilities.

Quality-assured results

Get the speed of AI and the reliability of human expertise. Scale up with Arkion faster than any other platform.

Easy data integrations

Integrate asset intelligence with any system. Send data to AMS, work order systems, or anything else you use.

The impact

Resilience is the result

Arkion delivers the data so you can minimize risks, improve uptime, and make maintenance and investment decisions that bring your grid into the future.

Find more defects


Reduce preventable outages by


Reduce cost per defect by over


Plug-and-play analytics.

No need for data lakes or expensive setups. Our solution comes pre-loaded with everything it needs as a standalone service or part of a wider ecosystem with integrations to your preferred softwares.

Predictive Intelligence

One solution with many applications to empower maintenance and investment decisions across your whole organization with free access to the data and in-depth reporting on asset condition and predicted failure points for your whole grid.

Arkion is built for future-ready power grids

A resilient grid needs reliable data about asset conditions. Arkion combines the expertise of power grids with our own technology. It can assess every component, analyze every asset, and help you take control of your whole power ecosystem—all without leaving your office.

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The technology

AI-powered, expert validated

Arkion combines computer vision technology and human expertise. You get the speed of AI and the confidence of our in-house quality assurance team, for the fastest, most accurate product of its kind. Contact us to see it in action.

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Case study

Data-driven grid management

E.On Sweden is one of the largest utilities in the Nordics. They use Arkion as part of routine overhead line inspections. Learn how asset analytics helped them take their maintenance operations into the future.

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Powered by partnerships

Arkion works with a range of operators who collect data by drone, helicopter, or ground transport. We can even help you find, evaluate, and collaborate with partners for data capture.

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Learn how to use AI-powered asset analytics to unlock the value of your inspection data.