Skyqraft is now Arkion

Same company, same team, same mission - just a new name. Read about our new identity.


Read success stories, learn about our technology, and find resources about power grid resilience.

What does the net-zero future mean, and how do we get there?
Renewable energy costs are decreasing, but grid upgrades are slow and expensive. Electricity demand is expected to double by 2045, driven by data centers, climate change, and EV adoption. To meet the UN's 2050 net-zero target, we need diverse, innovative energy solutions and resilient digital infrastructure. Arkion is part of a global effort to enhance power grids and ensure sustainable energy for the future.
Arkion’s asset analytics helped E.On Sweden supercharge routine inspections
E.On Sweden is one of the largest utilities in the Nordics. They use Arkion as part of routine overhead line inspections. Learn how asset analytics helped them take their maintenance operations into the future.
The company you knew as Skyqraft is now Arkion
We’ve relaunched our company as Arkion, to support power grids in the challenge of the energy transition. Read about our AI-powered evolution.
Optimizing grid performance: AI innovations in asset intelligence
Embark on a journey to fortify grid resilience with our latest exploration into ‘empowering grid resilience...
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